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    7 Inspiring Instagram Accounts for Teens to Follow

    From cute animals to uplifting quotes, Instagram is stuffed with accounts providing daily doses of joy into their followers. Without a doubt, there are plenty of creative and thoughtful methods to take advantage of this platform; it’s designed to be aesthetically attractive, creative, and unforgettable. The thing is that teenagers require models. They do require great examples.

    One good thing is, it’s possible to help your tween develop a positive Instagram account right from the beginning by getting them to follow people or groups which help them gain knowledge, get them to think creatively, are uplifting, and bring about positive growth.

    We’re very excited to talk about 7 inspiring Instagram accounts for your teens to follow. They are the type of accounts which motivate us, and we hope they’ll do a similar thing for you!

    1. Avery, @miss_germinoma

    Around December 2018, 13-year-old Avery was clinically determined to have a germinoma tumor, a type of cancer. While she started her 4 rounds of therapy, she made a decision to create an Instagram page in order to share her journey along with the entire world.

    “The doctor had told us that a third of the kids diagnosed with a germinoma are girls and that’s when it hit,” according to her story. “Miss Germinoma!” And so, @miss_germinoma came into this world!

    2. Haile, @hailethomas

    Haile is only 17, however she has long been an activist for eight years! At the time she was twelve, she started HAPPY (Healthy Active Positive Purposeful Youth) to assist at-risk communities get access to healthy food. She has also her own personal podcast in which she interviews some other empowering women and gives nutritious recipes in her YouTube channel.

    3. Megan, @bodyposipanda

    If you want a lovable account stuffed with body positivity, lovable selfies, and hair inspiration, then follow Megan. She is a body positive activist who’ll bring in some sunshine into your feed. Megan Crabbe’s dedication to the way we look at our bodies has found her generate over one million of followers in Instagram, and it’s certainly the encouraging message behind those social squares which we really love her for.

    4. Sam, @samdylanfinch

    The queer blogger, Sam talks about anything from mental health to eating issues, exposing his continuous journey to handle the challenges a lot of us encounter. Sam is the creator of Let’ s Queer Things Up! – a blog evaluating the crossing points of mental health and queerness. He is as well an editor on the magazine called Everyday Feminism. He is most widely known for his strong narratives regarding his life as being a genderqueer and bipolar.

    5. Pranjal, @itsaprandawg

    A social justice coordinator and activist, Panjal isn’t scared to speak up what’s on her mind and encourage all those around her. She wished to show us that everyone of us is beautiful simply because beauty could exist in several various forms.

    6. Sara, @misssaramora

    Co-founder of Women’s March Youth, Sara is going out to improve the world. Sara has changed into a sought-after voice on the battle for immigrants’ rights being the co-founder of Women’s March Youth, and then the founder of Who Is Our 2020 – a social platform for supporting youth voter turnout and involvement. Her online existence is focused on the concept that migration is a human right as well as a humanitarian crisis.

    7. Noor, @nooraldayeh

    A body-positive influencer, Noor is utilizing her platform to communicate regarding eating disorders as well as mental health awareness, she actually started the Education Emotion Project, that’s trying to offer mental health practical information for all. Inspired by the accomplishment of her English project, she started publishing regarding her journey on the internet – revealing insights about becoming a competitive athlete being trained in tap, jazz, hiphop and ballet as well as the stigma around talking about mental illness on the Middle-Eastern community.